Exporting from Excel to PowerPoint

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I’m trying to export data (both tables and graphs) from an Excel to Powerpoint deck.

I’ve used Excel Application Scope → Read Range → Crtl+C Hotkeys to select and copy the tables/graph from Excel (Is this the optimal way to do this? Or is there a better way?)

Also, the bit I’m really struggling on is opening PowerPoint up to copy the data into. I have the PowerPoint that I want to paste into saved on my desktop at the moment, I’ve tried using OpenApplication and StartProcess but that required an executable file? Do I need to literally find the PowerPoint.Exe that’s installed on my C:/ drive then use the open feature from that? Or can I go directly to the path?

Additionally, will shortcut keys be the best way to paste the tables/graphs into PowerPoint?

Any help is much appreciated as always.


Hey ! I have exactly the same problem, does anyone have a solution? Thanks :wink:

There’s a lot of questions in the OP - can you clarify which ones you’re wondering about?

Hi @bay7745,

Take a look. It will help you.


Hi @balupad14,
Is there any way to copy a range of cells (text or tables) into a particular slide in an existing powerpoint.


Hi @Rajeev1 ,

Here is the activity called “Copy as Picture”.


HI @balupad14,
Thank you so much for sharing this.

However i found an issue relating EDP Excel and Powerpoint modules. The excel module copies pictures as “.JPEG” file by default. However the “Insert Picture” in Powerpoint module doesn’t recognize this format. It recognizes “.JPG” format but not “.JPEG”. Am i missing something here?


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Hello @bay7745

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I faced this a long time ago, I mention this because the way I did it was through a macro, and I think even when you try to automate with UiPath you need to look for ways to get your goal done. sometimes keeping it simple is the best way.

Some will say having a macro is having to maintain two codes.

Now it is up to you to keep learning and create your own point of view. :slight_smile:

 Sheets("Relatorio Diario").ChartObjects("Chart 10").Chart.Export "C:\Users\Eduardo Sacahui\Documents\Chart1.png"

I was able to insert a chart in powerpoint and save it


And you can run it with UiPath Like this:

These are the files:

If you want to select just some cells, all you need to do is take a look at the second module on excel.

if you need further explanation please let us know.

Convert string to date type and subtract months from it.zip (20.3 KB)

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Hi ,
It is working for me. Which version of MS office(PowerPoint) that you are using ?

Thank you

CopyAs Picture: The path could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030003 (STG_E_PATHNOTFOUND))
I am getting this error can I please know what the problem is