How to copy extracted data from web using screen scrapping into a word file


I have used screen scrapping to extract data from web and now i have to copy this data into word file and save it. how can i do it? please help me.

Hi @morepriyanta,

There is an Activity called Word Scope, do you have some problem using it?

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yes i am not able to find it in the list of activities… when i search with “word scope” no result is shown.

did you add from manage packages?

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So click on Manage Packages and download the package in the image:

Tell me if you need futher help

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Hi @morepriyanta
This video will solve your problem: Scrapping Data From Website And Creating Word Document Using UiPath StudioX - YouTube

I have done this in StudioX but the same can be done in Studio as well just install UiPath.Word.Activities

Mark it as a solution if it helps


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yes i downloaded the package. Thank you.

yes. it is resolved.

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