Creating a PDF File with the data extracted using Screen Scraping

How can I create a PDF file using the data scraped using screen scraping? I want to scrape the whole web page and save it as a pdf. Any suggestions.

Buddy @Anubhav_Ghildiyal
kindly install the package in your manage packages menu in design tab
uipath.word.activities and uipath.pdf.activities
–then use word application scope and write the scrapped text to the word document with append text activity
–then use export to pdf activity which will give u a pdf file buddy

for more info on export to pdf
Cheers @Anubhav_Ghildiyal

@Palaniyappan Thanks for the help I’ll look into it and one more question:
If I want to scrape the images including with the text then how will I do it ?

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Same buddy we can use add image activity under the same package of uipath.word.activities and use export pdf to get them as image
Cheers @Anubhav_Ghildiyal

Thanks @Palaniyappan for your assistance really helped.

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Did that work buddy @Anubhav_Ghildiyal

Yes that worked thanks for your assistance @Palaniyappan

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Fantastic buddy @Anubhav_Ghildiyal