How to copy data from web portal to word document and save that file on desktop

i have list of job numbers, each time i searched for job numbers in web portal and need to copy data from job portal for that particular job. copy that data and save in word format with file name as job number. same process for all jobs in that list.

and i stuck here like how to copy that data and paste in word doc, save it with file name.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Select all in your desired field (Send Ctrl+A could works well)
Copy using Ctrl + C
Open Word
Paste using Ctrl + P
Save using Ctrl + S
Save in desired path with desired name.

how to open word document ?

Simplest Way is Start Process Activity, providing executable path and other parameters if needed

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unable to see word application scope in Activities @asesor-rpa

Hi @Srinu6038

Buddy thats a good question
kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve your issue buddy

  1. once you open the browser and enter the job numbers and see the data in job portal using activities like open browser with web url, type into activity with job number as input and click activity to click on the field that gives the data in the job portal, when this is done so far, use a screen scrapping option in the design menu to scrape the text from the job portal, while screen scrapping select the area as a element where the text is appearing in the web portal…and get the output as body of string type
    —try to use full text in screen scrapping buddy and when you screen scrape we can change the option here and just click refresh…

  2. Then use a write text file activity with the word document file path like this buddy
    and pass the text variable body obtained from the previous get full text activity of screen scrapping
    like tis

  3. Thats all buddy you are done…
    now when you open the word file you can see the text inside
    Kindly try this and let know buddy whether this works or not
    Cheers @Srinu6038


i tried screen scraping method, i got an error while opening output file as above. please help me with it.

Buddy @Srinu6038
lets check whether screen scrapping is really getting the text or not use a message box before write text file activity buddy and check buddy whether any text is appearing or not
kindly try and let know buddy

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its working for text document .txt, not for word doc

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Thats great buddy @Srinu6038
now to enter the same text - string to a word document download the word activities by downloading the word package buddy Uipath.word.Activities from manage package optin from design menu buddy
once installing use activity called word application scope and pass the file path of word document and use append text activity buddy with text variable as input that we obtained previously
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Srinu6038



its working!

all i need is to save word document dynamically for all job numbers list.

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thats fantastic buddy @Srinu6038
yes you can ofcourse, you can add a timestamp with the file name that will make it unique everytime buddy
like this buddy in the file name path of word application scope
Kindly let know whether this works or not buddy

do i need to mention same path on both fields?

select from here buddy @Srinu6038 , it wont ask for file path again… buddy


working great!!

Thnak you for your time and patience. :smiley:

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cheers buddy
keep going

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Hello @Palaniyappan,

i observed that my output doc file saved correctly, but the text placed in 2nd page (it automatically left 1st page empty). i need that text in 1st page itself.

do i need to change anything in word application scope ?

buddy with append text enter like this buddy

Kindly Try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Srinu6038


its not working

Buddy @Srinu6038

I tried with same append text it s entering in the first line of document buddy
may be the full text obtained might have blank space before but even to remove that only suggested to use .TRIM with the strng
NO worries, can i have a view on your xaml buddy if possible with project.json file all together as zipped folder buddy and te page where you get the full text bddy as screenshot

we are almost done buddy and this can be resolved buddy
Cheers @Srinu6038