How to copy data from web portal to word document and save that file on desktop (6.9 KB)

I think the site will open in usa. I will also attaching input file with sample numbers. MIC INPUT.xlsx (8.3 KB)


getting any solution ?

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Buddy @Srinu6038
Again i tried from my side with a sample as i was not able to open the url of the browser in my system,
No worries buddy
lets do one thing, once you get the text from get full text assigning it to a variable of type string say out_text (for example) then
–use a set to clipboard activity and pass the above text string variable to that activity as input buddy

  1. once after using word application scope activity with the new filename you want, don’t mention any activity inside the scope, just pass the filepath alone to the scope
  2. next to word application scope, use a kill process and mention the processname as “WINWORD” or “WORD”
  3. then use a start process activity and pass the same file name that you have mentioned in the word application scope…(if its dynamic you can even use a string variable to store the path and can be used in both activities)
  4. This start process activity will open the word document and make it active in foreground
    nw we can use a send hot key activity with keys ctrl+v that would paste the value in clipboar that was set previously and select the word application page as element, enable the properties in send hot key activity like clickbeforetyping, emptyfield and sendwindowmessage properties
  5. again use a send hot key with keys ctrl+s to save the file
  6. and use a kill process to close the application with process name same as mentioned above for word application (or to get the processname, go to task manager and check the name of word appliction process running currently, take that name say for example WINWORD.exe, take that WINWORD alone and mention that in processname ofstart process buddy)
    Thats all buddy you are done
    Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
    Cheers @Srinu6038
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