How to write full data from notepad into excel file

how do I write the entire data from notepad to excel.

instead of reading from text file and write it into excel you can automate excel,
Go to Data Tab-> from text -> provide input source file->

Select Delimited and other options to structure your data and click on finish.

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thanks Divyashreem, I will be doing that, but is there way to write data from notepad to excel apart from this . ?

Hi @abhishek26
If the data in the .txt file is structured, you can use Generate Data Table activity that takes a string as an input and gives back Data Table as an output.

This output Data Table can then be used by a Write Range activity that will save your Data Table into Excel file.

If you look on the forum, I am sure you will find plenty of examples for similar topics :slight_smile:


thanks a lot :slight_smile: