How to copy and paste with conditions

Request a sample file Or how to copy data from row 2 to the last row of Excel1 (Statement Download) without knowing which row the amount of data ends in. If row A1 doesn’t have the word “No data” but if there is, copy and paste it into Excel2. that is month data (Original) without overlapping the original data.

I could find two different questions
Can u elaborate a little bit more clearly

Can you share the sample data


Original.xlsx (10.0 KB)
Statement Download.xlsx (9.7 KB)
@Praveen_Mudhiraj @Palaniyappan

If your expecting this as output you can try this xaml


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Following are the steps to follow

  1. Use read cell activity with A1 as the cell
  2. Use if condition to check the output of step 1 is No data or not using str.Equals("No Data")
  3. On the else side use read range with range as A2, this will read all the data till the end
  4. Use append range activity to append the data to already existing file

Hope this helps


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