How to copy a local file to a 'mapped drive' folder and vise versa?



I am currently working on a project which requires to download files from a sharepoint server, process the files through UiPath, then produce an output file which is then again uploaded to the server.

The downloading part is done, I simply got the robot to ctrl A, ctrl c and ctrl v at a local folder.

However, I am stuck with the upload part, as it requires to select a specific file in a folder to upload.
I have tried the “Copy File” activity, which does not work on a ‘mapped drive’ as UiPath reads it as a directory.

Example of the ‘mapped drive’ folder:

Anyway to get the robot to select a particular file(which is a dynamically generated .xlsx file) from my local drive and upload it to the sharepoint server?
Not sure if this is a recommended solution, but I am having difficulty getting the robot to select a particular file (.xlsx) from windows explorer and dragNdrop/copyNpaste to the server.


Has anyone responded to this??


no… and I still have not found a solution… resorting to recording mouse clicks LOL


Supposing you know the full path of the file you want to upload on the sharepoint location, you could use the Copy file activity with From property set to the full path of the document you want to upload (lets say you have it in a string variable LocalFile) and Destination property set to"\\<website>.net@ssl\DavWWWRoot\hush\OutputFiles\" + FileName. Where the string FileName=LocalFile.Split("\".ToCharArray).Last


This method does not work as the activity does not recognise that path as a directory.


I had exactly the same situation and this worked for me… but I don’t know what is different in your case.