Copy file path (link) from sharepoint

Hello, guyes,

does anyone know how to get links for files that are on sharepoint?
I need the links to create hyperlinks in excel file.

The point is that when I try to
Assign to locationPath = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(“sharepoint URL”).ToString
I get the error that it is too long.

Thank you.

This is the way you have to get files from SharePoint.


this seems to me more like uploading the file and that I can do.
I cannot retrieve the links for uploaded files…

You have to generate a key for specific parent folder in SharePoint.
from there you can use this SharePoint activity to download or upload.

I really do not need to donwload or upload any file to sharepoint. The files are already there. I need to get links to those files. And I do not know how.

Is there a sharepoint activity that will get me links to all recently uploaded files?

There is Office 365 activity for SharePoint. Please go through the documentation of the same.

Hi, just FYI if someone is interested.

I have noticed that the URL of file is always the same and there is only 1 change - file name.
So I decided for now to use WRITE CELL with that absolute URL + variable with file name (which I get in one of the previous steps with Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(filepath) while the files are still in local folder…and it works pretty fine.

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