How to copy a column of data in excel to clipboard and paste to SAP

Hi everyone:

I am trying to copy a column from excel to clipboard in order to use the upload from clipboard option in SAP.

This is the column:

And the objective is to copy that column to clipboard and use the upload from clipboard option in SAP (red box in below image), so the registers will be pasted to the column “Valor indiv.” in below image:


The first thing I did was:

  • Use the read range activity in order to save that list as a DataTable and then write one by one in the boxes in SAP. However, they are more than a thousand records, so it would take a lot of time, and hence I was thinking to use the upload clipboard option.

  • Then I tried to use the select range activity, and in the “Range” input I put “”, but when UiPath arrives there it shows me the error: “The range does not exist”


I would appreciate a lot if you can help me to solve this issue or to find another solution for this, thank you for your time!!

Instead of “”, try keeping it blank.


Go to first cell on the column and You can use send hot key ctrl+shift+(down arrow) this will select the complete column then perform ctrl+c

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That is


You can try set to clipboard activity to copy the column values of excel to clipboard and paste in SAP.
what i tried is

  1. Read Excel in Datatable using Read Range.

  2. Extract the column from the Datatable and join column values using newline characters.

    String.Join(Environment.NewLine,(From r In excelDt Select r.item(“ColumnName”)))

  3. Set this value to clipboard and paste it in SAP.

Please refer this workflow and check if it works for you,
CopyExcelColumn.xaml (7.7 KB)


Thank you so much to every one and specially to you Bharat.

I tried to solve my issue with the previous comments, and it worked yesterday; however, today wasn’t working because the data was not being saved to clipboard.

Then I tried your solution, it is great and is working fine, thank you so much again :slight_smile:


Hi Barat

What will be my select expression if i have to add a where clause also in select

For example : String.Join(Environment.NewLine,(From r In TrasfrData Select r.item(“DOI”) where r.item(“Joint venture”).ToString equals row(“Joint venture”).ToString)))

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