How to copy a column from one excel file to another excel file?

Hi community, i have ran into another wall, i am trying to copy the contents of column A from one Excel file and paste that content into another Excel file into column A, how can i do that?

Note: it must select all cells that have content and selection must be dynamic, since one day it might have 100 names in column A and the next day it might have 300 names in column A, so the Robot needs to be able to automatically detect the amount of range it needs to copy, I have tried selecting “A:A” but that does not copy all the contents of column A.

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Try this :
1.Use read column activity from Excel A
2.Loop thought result in step 1 use For each activity
3. Write cell to Excel B.


Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

I would like to share another way with you

1.Read Range from file that you want to copy (Range “”)
2.Count row by assign rowCount = dt.Rows.Count
3.Read Range with (Range “A”+rowCount.toString)
4.Write Range

Please refer as below attachment: (24.2 KB)

I hope it will be useful to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi All thank you so much for all the help the zip file example was actually very helpful to see how its done, thank all for the grate support, cant thank you enough.

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