How to copy particular data from one excel and paste into another excel

i have excel_1 file in that column names —Name, Total
another excel_2 file in that columns name, Date,product,Total amount.

i want to copy All Total column Values from excel_1 and paste into into excel_2 Total amount column
can any one help this ?

@Anand_Designer …Couple of options without out any code

  1. Read Range = Read the specific column from the sheet and write Range into desired sheet(in your case excel 2)

  2. Copy Range = Using copy range copy the specific column range and again write Range into desired sheet(in your case excel 2)…but i am not positive whether you can point to different WB here…

it not working.


i want only above values to from excel_1 to excel_2…

@Anand_Designer …pls check this post …

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