How to Convert Object to Array of String

My Config file has a list like this: {“ThingOne”, “ThingTwo”, “ThingThree”}. I need to use the list within my code, so when importing my arguments, I just said I wanted to assign in_dictConfig(“ListOfThings”) to my argument in_ImportantList. I am getting a message that “Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘Object’ to ‘1-dimensional array of String’.”

Can someone please tell me what to type in the “value” for my argument to convert the object to an array of strings?

Hi @Joe.Matuch

Try with this expression

Index - Based on the value you need


Thanks, but I need all the values. I want to loop through this list, so I don’t want to import a single value; I want to import the entire list of 3 strings. Is there a way to do that?

in general we would access the config value with

it is just recommended to store the array/list data different:

The string Approach:


The JSON Approach:

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Can you try to use CType as the following?



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This was successful. I tried to loop over arrStr after doing the first two assigns, and it worked. Thanks!

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