Value type string to array

Hi Team,

From config I am reading values to dictionary in string format.
I am assigning all values to dictionary Row(“Value”) to out_config(row(“Name”).ToString)

One value is {“First Business Day”, “Second Business Day”, “Prior First Business Day”, “Prior Second Business Day” } which I have to assign to Sheets as array type.
But the value I am reading as string format.

can you please give me solution to convert string type to array so that can loop as per the values available in it


Maybe you get control and can change the string then the simple approach would be to split it by comma:

Changed String: First Business Day,Second Business Day,Prior First Business Day,Prior Second Business Day

In case of it cannot be changed, then regex can help:

Pattern: (?<=\").*?(?=\")

it looks close to JSON Array but isn’t. with the change of {} to [ ] the string could be deserialized into a String array with the help Newtonsoft package provided methods