How to convert IEnumrable Object Type to Data Table or String?


I am trying to copy a column data from an excel sheet to the clipboard and paste the same data onto a work space. I have used the “Read column” function to read the respective column from excel and I saved the content to a reference variable with type “IEnumerable Object”(as it is only accepting this type).
I am unable to find a way using which I can convert this IEnumerable Object type to Data table or String so that I can paste the same in the desired work space??

Thanks in advance.

Hey @sans.12

Try this: (5.7 KB)


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Thanks for the solution @aksh1yadav.
Is there any possibility to get the IEnumerable type into data table also??
The data getting from the excel is of IEnumerable type which I am not able to write into a data table. My problem is I need to fetch the entire column data and paste it on an SAP module.
Can it be done by any chance??

test100.xaml (14.2 KB)
Sample.xls (23.5 KB)

How to get each value separately ?



If your collection type is IEnumerable then you can convert that to DataTAble by using CopyToDataTable method.


Will you explain more? about your scenario?


Hi MAHESH1, I am also stuck with same problem as sans.12.

Could you please elaborate how can i implement ‘CopyToDataTable’ method in my sequence?