Convert ienumerable object to DataTable

Hi Everyone,

I have an excel having more than 50 Columns out of which I need only 3 Columns “C”,“F” and “AG”. And paste that in new Datatable.
My Approach.

Read C,F and AG column separately using Read column activity and paste in a new data table.
I am stuck here. I unable to paste columns in new Datatable…Cause the output of Read column is Ienumerable . I am unable to convert it into datatable

Other way is to read the data table and loop over all columns but that is not proper way I feel cause my excel size is very big.

Please help me!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @Abhishek_Vaidya1,

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Check the attached xaml, by creating a dataview for the data table you can select the columns to copy into a new datatable.
CopyDataColumns.xaml (5.7 KB)

Updated the workflow without issues and tested

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thank you so much @sarathi125

CopyDataColumns.xaml (6.1 KB)

Please find the complete solution of my issue

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