How to convert .exe file to dll with arugs

Hi all, am having a exe file, how should i call that into visual studio & create a parameters like input file (as pdf) , drop drown filed like json or raw text after that i need to convert it nuget package to use in uipath.

attahced for eg.

i need to parameters like this for my exe.

From what I understood, if you just want to use your EXE file and if your executable file accepts arguments, you can use Process.Start() method which is defined in System.Diagnostics namespace. But if you want to have your own panel for that specific EXE with its design panel, you have to create a custom activity. Please refer to this link: user-guide-on-how-to-create-custom-activities-package and also start your code template with this: Activity Creator. Of course, here’s the full documentation: UiPath Docs for Developers - Using Activity Creator.

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thanks u @atoi let me check the link which ur shared & get back u shortly if i need anything