How to convert email message (.msg, .eml) to PDF


I am trying to convert email message (.msg, eml) to PDF.

I have tried some custom activity, but it generates like a plain text PDF instead.
Is there a better way to convert email message to PDF and retaining the look of that email?


Hi @Zulzaili

you are right, the market place activity removes all formatting and save the email as a plain text pdf.

Other options you could try are,
opening the email in outlook and choose print to pdf option.
if you are looking at achieving this without ui automation, you can explore the “Aspose” library to create your own custom activity. [this library is not a freeware]

Reference link: Saving an Email as PDF|Documentation

Thanks Sarath :slight_smile:

When use a shortcut Ctrl-P, i dont see “Print to PDF” option.
How do i send over “Print to PDF” option without using UI Automation activity? Tx


can you try to follow the steps in the below link, you should be able to see that option:

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
I have opened another thread as i have a separate query using Hotkey.

Tx again,