Continue with next row in process when an error occurs

I currently have a workflow which opens excel, reads some data (such as the PO number and company data), opens workday, and use this PO number to update the company data on workday, then mark the company as completed on the excel sheet. The process is completed and it works the majority of the time, but occasionally runs into an error where it can’t find certain elements on different screens. I have edited the selectors to ensure it works the majority of the time apart from these seemingly random errors. I’m looking to now have my bot recognize when an error occurs, write on the excel sheet that there was an error, and then move on to the next PO number that was pulled from the excel sheet. Currently, the bot stops when it reaches an error until I close it out.

I have tried to change all of the continue on error functions to true, but then it marks the PO number on the excel sheet as completed and I don’t know which are truly completed and which aren’t. I was trying to use a try catch function in my build but it wasn’t able to recognize when there were errors occurring and continue on to the next row in the excel sheet.

This Should have worked. Was it still Updating as Completed using the Try Catch ?

Yes, the data was still being input as completed even if it errored out.