How to connect ui path with HP service manager?

i know UI-path is a RPA . but still any way to connect ? any sample workflow ?

If direct selectors are not working, does HP service manager have an API you could leverage?

there may be web services for sure . but client is not ready to give the role to the HPSM user name through which we can access the web services. so the only option is to access from front end I guess.

Do you have the Java Extension installed?


Also you could use the click Image Activities and/or paired with Anchor Base, but this is a bit less reliable?

just installed java extension , after reading your suggestion . did u try that ? from the training video it is less reliable as u said

Hi Karges, perhaps you could make a support ticket and have someone help you directly?

Please use your company email.

Neither I do , I applied for trial access in hp site. I thought I could be prepared before going to client environment , but so far no luck!!!

Hi All,

I am trying to do HPSM automation. But some issues are there with selector like Empty field does not work properly if tag = Paragraph while giving INPUT.
I would like to know which attribute suits better for HPSM like aaname, idx…etc

If possible, can someone share me sample workflow that deals with HPSM.

Saranya K R

Hi @karges/@SaranyaKishore ,
Were you guys able to automate HPSM using RPA-UiPath. Could you pls let me know how? and what additional software you needed to install to overcome the issue of empty selectors. I am trying to work on the same.


it could be done with ui. no additional software needed. but i faced lots of difficulty , hence switched to connect it via SOAP api. through API was able to do all the operations.