How to connect mysql workbench using connect activity

i wanted to connect the database that is mysql workbench please help me with the configuration


You can use activities from uipath.database.activities…buddy that you can download from manage packages from design tab

Where you have an activity called execute query and insert query activity… And for that you will be in need of username, password and servername buddy @manoj2500

Kindly try this and let know buddy

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Hi @manoj2500,

In packages you can download the uipath.database.activities & install.
Then database activities will be appeared use connect activity for connecting sql database

Were you able to connect buddy… @manoj2500

what should i need to select from menu options for mysql workbench

Buddy @manoj2500

  1. select MIcrosoft SQL Server
  2. Then enter your servername, username and password and select the database name buddy
    and here you can check the connection as well whether it got connected or not by clicking TEST connection button
  3. then you can enter the query as string here buddy within double quotes

Thats all buddy you are done
Cheers @manoj2500

while setting up the connection i am getting error again and again i using workbench and the database is already connected to it.

the errors that i am facing is login is failed , path is not supported what should i do i am not good in db

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No worries
Buddy were you able to connect to db and did you get the connection done first…

Hi @Palaniyappan,
I am not getting the server name in the drop down so what should I do, and how to find out the server name in mysql workbench. Can you please help

can i have a view on your sql window if possible
Cheers @Ejaz44

I can’t send you the screenshots as it is against the company’s policy. So can you figure out what the problem will be

@Palaniyappan, Do I need to connect the database in mysql workbench and search for the server name in uipath connect activity

You need to use ODBC 32bit to connect mysql work bench as uipath is compatible with 32bit ODBC

Does this work the same for Google Bigquery?

Not sure need to try may I know the error that you are getting


If you are still not able to connect to mysql workbench you can follow this screenshot as i am able to connect to DB by these settings,

If still not able to connect can reach out to me.