How to compare web table data and click particular data based on conditions?

Hi Friends,

i have a doubt with UiPath Studio, Is it possible to compare web table with particular condition and click particular button in that table?

for example:

above web table having Email(Column 0),First Name(Column 1),Gender(Column 2), Last Name(Column 3),Phone(Column 4),Action(Column 5).

i have to check whether Email(Column 0) should be, First Name(Column 1) should be asas.

if above conditions match, i need to click Action(Column 5) button.

Kindly help me on it.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Yes you can

1First you extract the data by using datascraping, then run foreach row
2 Inside if condition activity give your condition.
3. Add one click activity,
4. Give selector based on index, or according to the pattern


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Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your immediate response. i know how data scraping, for each and if condition in UiPath but i could not able to get an idea for click an particular button based on the conditions.

in UiPath,

we have an options to inspect an element while using activitity->Click, Can you explain me how to click a button based on conditions.

Thanks in advance.


Get the selector of the button on which you have to click, check the pattern how its varying for each row, then based on that you have to write a logic to get the selector , check for the fields like id, and their pattern.


Thanks for an update Mahesh

Hello @mahenthiran,

I hope everything is great for you!
Were you able to do what you wanted? If you did, could you please share at least the screenshot. I am having a similar issue at the moment.



Hi Mahesh,
In my case an unable to get the debatable by data scrapping , I can able to select individually but not as table. Can you suggest how to handle it ?