How to compare two values in DataTable

Hi ,

As you can see in the image ,

i need to loop this data ,
1st loop should end when it gets the different project ID
2nd looping should start when it gets new project ID


@Apchu : Hello Shirin - from what I understand - you technically need to parse through every line. Is that correct ?

Also, if you can let me know what exactly do you plan to achieve by looping through project id ? i.e., what happens after parsing through lines 1-3 related to project number (100365012) ?


Hi @jay.gandhi84

Well what i am trying to do is,
1.Reading email and building the DataTable
2.loop through each row in dataTable
3.Following some steps
4.I need to compare project ID’s with each other if they are same or different
if Same carry out further process
if different go back to step 3