How to loop through 2 datatable and match value based on the column

Hi all,
I have almost able to get the output… but i am facing change in how to loop through a single cell with alt enter and match with DT2 value…you can refer the outputcolumn in the screenshot…thanks in advance

For Associate, wrt to DT1 it should check and process values may be vice-versa… main thing is DT1 … based on DT1 need to compare in DT2


  1. Use for eqch row in datatable on dt1 and assign index value to variable …index is present in for loop properties
  2. Inside the loop use unmatcheditems = currentrow("Process").ToString.Split({Environment.Newline},Stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).Except(dt2.Rows(index("Process").ToString.Split({Environment.Newline},Stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

Unmataches items will be of type array of strings…

You can do unmatcheditems.count > 0 to check if every thing is matched or not…


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This is called a join. Use the Join Data Table activity.

Thanks anil

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