Compare two Excel coulmns and return how many items matched

Hi guys ,

I have two excels say first.xls and second.xls
Both may have different number of rows and columns and also different column names

Now I need your help like

I want take the first column(Whole) of first.xls and we have to compare with all the columns(whole)(say 3 columns are there) of second.xls and our robo should return which column(out of the 3 columns) of the second.xls contents matched more with the content of first column of first.xls likewise second and etc of first.xls I have to match with all the columns of second.xls

How can I do this …??
If possible share workflow and make understand guys please


When you say Match, is it row to row match or Each row is matched with second files’s columns each values?

Each values should match with each values in second.xls columns and i need a count how many items matched

Check this (31.9 KB)
It has logic to find 2 excel’s(Table1 and Table2) matched rows and writes it to new excel(result.xls).