Comparison between two excel sheets

Hello all
I want to compare two excel sheets if sheet1 doesnot contains the column present in sheet 2 then it must be deleted in column in sheet1. output sheet will be sheet one
sheet1.xlsx (56.0 KB) sheet2.xlsx (31.7 KB)

On the basis of sheet1 approval nos i.e"L_NR_2019_06" and so on… On the basis of these values it is required to do the comparison… here i am using filter activity but not able to delete the values… IS there any way to perform this?

Hi @mhk15,
There are already many topics about it on forum ;). Please try to use search:

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Thanks but here the name of columns are dynamic… and structure of thes two excel sheets are not similar

Here name of columns are varying and there structure is not same

Everytime you need to compare anything from excel is like equation where you are comparing one element (taken from cell) to the other one. So formula is always the same like you need to get data from excel, filter it to take any particular element. Then do same for second sheet and compare element from one table to element from second table and next, next, next.


Are you writing the data to an excel or you are getting those from someone? @mhk15

Even you can do that using the column index also if the columns you want to compare are in the same index everytime

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