Excel sheet comparsion

I have one excel with two sheets, i should have to compare from one sheet column[it is in row(5)(3)] to another sheet column(3rd)[it is in 1st row 3rd column]. In 1st sheet column if it matches to 2nd sheet column(3rd) any value then it should get value of 2nd sheet column(1st)[it is in 1st row 1st colum] value.
eg: sheet1[it is in row(5)(3)] sheet2: 1st column 3rdcolumn
xxx if matches (get value) yyy
" zzz
" xxx
Can anyone suggest me the steps how to follow using uipath.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @mansa

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Much better if you share the input excel and your desire output excel to easily visualize the issue. Many Thanks @mansa

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Hi @mansa,
Read those excel sheets to two different datatables, and perform the comparison by iterating them. This is the basic process of comparison. If you share the excel files here, you will get more explained answers :slightly_smiling_face:

Simple VLookup will do the trick @mansa. Have you tried?