How to compare row by row in excel using different sheet

Hi all, I have two excel. in that i need to compare two columns sheet for example i need to compare excel 1 sheet1 column excel 2 sheet 2 column i need to compare if it is match the row values i need to give another column status is yes if it is not matching i need to give no can you help me how to use handle that solution.


You want to compare 1st row of sheet one to 1st row of sheet 2?

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yeah it means two column is there if they both column one of the row is match i need to update another column in yes. if it is not match anything i need to give no

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You can use For each row in side for each row then apply if condition for checking whether they are matching or not
For reference
Flowchart.xaml (12.1 KB) test.xlsx (9.7 KB)

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@ImPratham45 Hi sir it’s taking more time to write the data i have almost 4000 data in that excel could be please help me to timeless solution for me.

Hi u can directly apply VlookUP and IF Formula in excel

@ImPratham45 okay i will try that one

Yup !!!

@ImPratham45 Hi impratham i need to get date column in excel some first of all i have two sheets in excel sheet 1 (Ref number) column name sheet 2 (Transaction Number) matching in need to get another column in sheet one name is viva pst column time i am using lookup datatable some values is not match it’s should come empty so it’s through the errorCapturedffd

what did you do in workflow?

@ImPratham45 i am currently read two sheets so if i use that two for each row it will be take more time so that i am using lookup data table

Right so what exactly you perform in that

if tow columns is match i need to get first datatable another column value that column is datetime format

OK then what exactly you use formula?

formula no i am using lookupdata table

Dont you use VlookUp
It will be much faster for you i guess…

ohh okay

Use formula in Write cell then use Auto Fill Range

ohh okay yeah i will try that one @ImPratham45 Thankyou

@ImPratham45 Hi impratham i have one doubt how can i give if datetime column is null how can i give if condition