How to combine of 2 datatable for multiple excel sheets

i have use combine 2 datatable for have multiple sheets …all the sheets have different column name sheets also one datatable have 3 sheets another one is 4 sheets,



Build datatable acctivity—>Write all column names from that 7 sheets–>OutputDT

ListVar=New List(Of String)From{"Excel1.xlsx","Excel2.xlsx"}
For each Excelfile in ListVar
Excel Process Scope:ExcelFile
For each excel sheet
Read range-->DT
Merge Datatable activity:Source:DT

After for loop Write range

Hope this helps you

Uipath (55.0 KB)

Please refer my process and xaml it will give an idea

iam facing error like this…


As you are using the older version of the MS Excel application.It is throwing Error.
So,Please update the Excel Application or If you cant able to do that.Try by downgrading the UiPath.Excel.Activities Package one by one to the Previous versions.If still you persist error let me know


Hi @nirmalad123

You need to update the MSExcel application or Entire MS Office

Excel activities cannot compatible for Microsoft 2010 version, It only compatible from 2013 to Office 365.

Check the below image for better understanding,

→ If you want to use the Excel data in your automation process, Read the Excel data to a datatable by using Read range workbook activity.
→ Then use the For each row in datatable activity to iterate each row in the datatable.

Hope it helps!!


UiPath package version downgrading also not working this excel activity…is there any classic activity like it is combining,