Excel - How to combine / merge mutli spreadsheets (more than 2 sheets)?

Dear all,

May i know if i have more than 2 spreadsheets (standard format), how can i combine all to one spreadsheet:

  • if without header
  • if with 2 rows common header
  • if all spreadsheets are in a same excel file (sheet1, sheet2, sheet3…)
  • if spreadsheets are in different excel file (excel1-sheet1, excel2-sheet1, excel3-sheet1…)

Thanks so much.

1.if all speardsheets have same number/same columns
then you can build one data table and after reading data from each sheet use for each row and add row to the

  1. new data table which is built, else you can append one data table to other check the below link:
    Append datatable with other datatable

  2. else read all sheets and you will be having 3-4 different data tables, now for the first time use write range and for 2,3 and 4th table use append range excel activities.