How to click the latest elements in the web list

I want to click the latest elements in the drop down list,which will update the data when i run each.

Hello @HuaiYe ,

Is it as select element? If yes can you try Select Item activity.
Else can you share the screenshot of the application which you are trying to automate

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,I use the Select Item Acitivity,but it doesn’t support in my automate.
I want to click the latest data in this picture, and it will update the data in untimely.

Hello @HuaiYe ,

you can refer the below post. Find children activity will work here. It will help to get all the values in the dropdown. Then from the list of elements you can get the size of the list and use the last element to click on the item. Hope it helps.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,Ok,I try it few minute ago.But useless,it can’t read the data from list.

it can’t flow to For each Activity,and Get Attribute useless too.I put the screenshot on it,you can check my sequence.

Are you using this find element on that dropwown or on a item in the dropdown?

  1. use find children, select whole dropdown

  2. use for each to iterate children

if for each has no result, change FIND CHILDREN to FIND DESCENDANTS and try again

@jack.chan ,The problem is i can’t choose the whole dropdown like your screenshot,if i use select region,it is useless.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,I cannot choose the whole dropdown,so i just choose the item in the dropdown.

Can you right click on the web page and inspect on that dropdown, there you will be able to find a web element with Select tag. That one you need to choose with uiopath. Not the entire list of items or the individual item. You have to choose that dropdown element.

Hi @HuaiYe ,

Just use UiExplorer and Indicate on any one of the Dropdown Values. In the Visual Tree in UiExplorer you could get to know the Parent Element of that Item.

Select/Double Click the Parent Element, and use that Selector as the Selector for Find Children Activity.

You should be able to get all the Items/Elements in the Dropdown.