How to click the image inside the excel in uipath?

how to click the image inside the excel in uipath?

Image inside Excel, could you please provide more info or show us the image which you want to click.?
please note excel can be used as Windows form to automate.

somethings like this. want to click the image (Timesheet Report 1-Overall) .How to click ya?

if i only put click, it doesnt click that image

Try using Click Image.
mouse can’t be used inside edit area of excel.

ohh… thanks. btw, how to use keyboard to scroll up in uipath?

hi looks like within the excel there is a button
timesheet Report which generates some output right?
If it is the case the it is a macro which is getting called after the click.
If so then use execute macro
Note:- check the macro parameters too


I assume the buttons displayed on your picture have Excel macros assigned to them. If this is the case, you can try to right-click one of the buttons, and select Assign Macro from the list, which will open a new window. You should be able to see there the name of the macro and use the Execute Macro activity (info here:

okay. thank you

thank you

@rajanrao1 parameter need to put what?

You need to specify parameters only if your macro has parameters. To check this you should open the excel macro code and check if it has any parameters.
A macro without parameters starts with something similar to:
Sub Macro_Name()
A macro with parameters starts with something similar to:

Sub Proc(sParam1 As String, iParam2 As Integer)

Where sParam1 and iParam2 are parameters.

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