How do I find an icon and click on it in an excel sheet?


I have an icon in an excel sheet which I need to search and click on it. On clicking this icon, a text box is opened through which we take the input of number of rows to be added at a particular position.


Is it a button within the workbook? If so, does this button trigger a macro?

Yes, it is within the excel sheet and calls a macro.

If you know the macro name you should be able to execute the macro with UIPath and ‘simulate’ the button click.

It is all password protected. Neither I am allowed to access the macros nor I have the macro names.

do it with any image recognition activity like OCR or click image! what’s the problem of use it ?

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I will try and let you know the results.

It is not working…

Hi @Jaideep

Did you use the Click Image activity @Pablo_Sanchez recommended? Can you share your workflow? We’ll take a look.


Yes please, share your .xaml so we will be able to take a look

It should be an easy work, so I dont rly get whats hapening

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Does anyone have solution about this case?

My problem:
I have string from excel loop to search in SAP and try to click the found line in SAP table, every time, the searched line show different position in table, it is hard to click by a static position.


you should change the selector to find in SAP the exact text that you are reading from excel file.

Yes, you are right. This has been validated and passed.

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