How to click text in InvokeCode activity?

Hello, I am a beginner in UiPath. Maybe someone could help me how to write a code in invoke code activity that will click text. All the other UiPath activities like click OCR text, click text, screen scrapping and ect. don’t work. I have a button that might appear in different screen places, different size and different rezolution, and i have to use google chrome so even selector with id or name doesn’t work. Computer screen also do not work because of diferent rezolutions. For example in browser i have a code like this and i need to click on “abcd” text.


Hi @Karolina_Luk

Please open this html code in internet explorer and try below selector. since there button is inside html table robot is failing to recognize it. Its working fine please make sure URL is proper

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Thank you for a fast reply, but this solution doesn’t work for me, maybe I wrote my question wrong :slight_smile: this code is just for example to show that I need to click the text that is displayed on the button, but uipath doesn’t find that text in the correct place(it click somewhere else on the screen), for now, the only solution that I found is to use chrome console and make uipath to write commands in that console to click something. By the way, I have to use chrome in device mode.