How to click on the same excel tab for different excel files

Hi I’m fairly new to UiPath. I’m working on a project where I need to open - save - close multiple excel files repeatedly. Because I’m using an add-on, once the excel file is opened I need it to:

  1. click the add-on tab
  2. click save button
  3. close
    For number 1 & 2, I’ve tried using the click/click text/click image activity but none of it would work once the file is changed once I move on to a different excel file.
    If you have any suggestion please let me know

Hi @Shadrina_Izzati for the activities what you have tried in the selector’s section build the dynamic selector because from one excel file to another it will change so build the selector try like this once
use to save and close try to send hotkeys using send hotkeys activity

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Hi @Shadrina_Izzati

Welcome to uipath community buddy

i would like to suggest a way that could handle this
To create a new sheet in excel and save it we can go by this way
–first use a buildatatable activity and mention the output variable with a name you want…say outdt…no need to enter any data in the builddata table…just create one and mention the output variable…simple
–then use a excel application scope activity where pass the file path of the excel as input
–within this activity use a write range activity and mention any sheetname you want to give you want…and mention the datatable input as outdt, the one we created at build datatable…and make sure that add headers property in this activity is disabled…
thats all a new tab - i.e., new sheet will be added to the excel without any data and will get saved…
and if you want to do this many sheets, have a list of sheet name stored in a array name insheetname variable of type array of strings
–use a for each loop within excel application scope and pass the variable insheetname as input and change the type argument of for each loop as string
–use a write range activity within this for each loop, and pass the sheetname input as item in the write range activity where the item is the variable obtained from the for each loop
thats all it will create new sheets as many as mentioned in the array
kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Shadrina_Izzati

hi. I can’t use hotkeys because the save part is actually from the add-on tab. But thank you for the dynamic selector suggestion! Just learned it a bit and now it’s working fine. Thank you

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Hi @Shadrina_Izzati Welcome… if that solution is fine then mark it as solution

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