How to copy all different sheets name in one excel file and dynamically create new excel file?


I am new to UiPath Studio and I am currently a intern at a local company. And I need help as I am new to this automation tool. If I have an existing excel file in a folder how do I copy all the different sheets name and dynamically create new excel file and paste into one excel file but this time round the previous different sheet name into one sheet. Is there anyway to do that?



If you know how many sheets and what the names of them is then you can use Read Range and Append Range activities for Excel or Workbook. Use Read Range to read each sheet one by one into a DataTable and then use Append Range to add them one by one into the same sheet into a new Excel.


@antonroux but if let say if I don’t know how many sheets can use for each or any looping techniques?

@phoenix123 please see attached a small workflow on how to achieve this. Please note that the Append Range is a Workbook activity and not an Excel activity. Please mark as solved as this helps you. CopySheets.xaml (8.6 KB)

@antonroux ok thanks trying now.

@antonroux having trouble to load your file. Is there anything need to download from the package?

@phoenix123 yes make sure you got the UiPath.Core.Activities package installed.

@antonroux couldn’t find UiPath.Core.Activities on the manage packages

@antonroux is ok I found which package to be installed.

@antonroux hi i don’t know why I have this error on Append Range even I drag from Workbook activity.