How to click on text where selector is just returning div tag as whole page

Hey Guys

I am wondering how to click on text where the selector is just returning div tag as the whole page. I tried looking at the Ui Explorer for more useful tags but there is none. I can get it to work with a fixed CSS element. But I am trying to make it dynamic. The text I am looking for is Signature. Then click relative to it. But the word signature does not get returned in the selector.

I have tried using OCR to get the text value of signature. But I do not know how to click relative to the word.

Any ideas Guys would be great?

Try with click text or click img element

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Could either do the CV Vision Scope so you can select a region of the page if it’s not getting picked up for the Vision Tool.

Or worst case - use Chrome. open inspector and try to find the element through there? A bit lengthy but if its got a unique enough name then you can search for it.

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Hey Man.

Click text does not work. It cannot find the text selector. Click image will not allow it to be dynamic. Also it does not place the text relevative to the signature word.

Hey Man.

I tried using the CV Vision click. But it does not click in the right area next to it. It does however find the word. In terms of looking at the developer tools of chrome to find the selector. I spend ages trying to find something. But all it finds is the div tag and no text in it. It’s a weird website. That takes a word document and embeds it into the website. So all i get is the div element that surrounds the document.

Ah how annoying! Here’s an idea. Take a screenshot of the Signature area - then run the element search or CV Vision on the saved screenshot? It’s not an ideal workaround but might just have to do if it’s just a dodgy website.

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Hey Man. Can you explain more on this? Take a screenshot using what activity? Yeah I hate the website.

So using the UI Automation you can choose either Take Screenshot or Indicate on Screen.

The Task Screenshot will let you put the Output as an Image Variable.
Will create a quick demo and send it over today :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Thank you very much. That will be so helpful. :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (6.5 KB)

Rightio - so not the prettiest but I think it will at least put you in the right direction.
So I’ve just taken a screenshot of the UI Path Badges Page and just getting all the text possible to write to a log message.

I’d advise for your situation it’d probably be best to use the Indicate on Screen unless you want to get every piece of text. (Worst case - you could just Omit out the string bits you don’t want)

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Ok thanks man. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

It does not seem to work @Craig_Bannerman.:frowning: