Exception : Selector in Click Text element is errored out 'cannot find UI element'

Hello All,

I am building a bot where from excel sheet (which acts as input) searching the value in Chrome browser and once value is found in the chrome browser (usually this will be a hyperlink), bot should click that text.

I am able to retrieve the excel sheet values, search for the text, passed the variable to selector of ‘Click Text’, but the activity click is not happening. UiPath says couldnt find the element. Below is the exact error. Can someone please help how to perform click on the hyperlink based on the search criteria.

Selector used in the ‘clcik text’ :


Same selector is being shown if the navigate through UI explorer click.


Try appending ‘*’ before and after the aaname value, sometime aaname property value contains extra spaces due to which it may fail.

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammohan,

Thanks for your response. Space is the issue and now it is working. I started passing the space in the input variable, instead your suggestion is more appropriate. But can you help me with the syntax please.


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Use it like this,

"html app='chrome.exe' title='Instant Page' /><webctrl aaname='*"+xlColinnm.ToString+"*' tag='A'>"

Thank you Rammohan.