How to click check box automatically

Hi Team,

I have one web application with multiple invoice is there in a table or grid.
I want to click each checkbox and then add attachment will be enabled and upload the relevant pdf files.
Next click on 2nd check box upload the pdf files .

Please find the attachment above for your reference.

I want to click each checkbox and upload the attachment one by one .
Please help me slove the issue
Thanks ,


Try using for each ui element and identify the check boxes…Inside loop use click on current element to click the checkbox and then next activity in loop is for upload from attachment button


Thanks @Anil_G for quick response.

I didn’t understand the solution.can you please explain in detail so that I will try to develop same.



Please check this flow below


Hello @Baby123

You can do as below.

Inspect on the checkbox using uiexplorer. There should be some attribute like idx. which gives the row number of the checkbox. You need to increase that number and dynamically pass that to the selector.

Here i is the variable that i used to increase the idx value. Need to pass i to the selector.


Hi @Anil_G & @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I will try both condition and update you .

Thank you for your support and help .


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

I tried the above solution, while condition is working but I want give the value 10 as dynamic and also in my application taking alternative tabelrow count for example 1st row the tablerow selector will be 1 2rd tablerow selector will be 3.
For example I have 15 invoices need to upload one by one.

In this case how write the while condition and after uploading all the 15 invoices how get exist the while condition.

Kindly Suggest
Thanks for your help


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