How to click on all number of hyperlinks in outlook mail

how to click on all number of hyperlinks in outlook mail

Please refer below post.
Reference 1
Reference 2

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Hi ddpadil,
I am not able to get what’s there in reference link as i have only 3 months exp in uipath. I am using Find chidren activity and finding out all hyperlinks as elements and i want to click on those i have used for each but while giving target as element not the selector it is showing validation error could you please help me out in this.

Could you please attach workflow.

trial.xaml (40.1 KB)
Hi ,
Here is the file you cna find find childrenand those at the end of workflow


You just need to change the type argument from object to UiElement in the for each loop , as the Find children returns IEnumerable<UiElement>

And pass the item in the element property of click activity(not the selector).

Check now.
trial.xaml (41.4 KB)

I don’t see purpose of find children activity in clicking the hyperlink of the mail body.
please try out the approach mentioned in the first replay.
you could able to achieve in ease. :slight_smile: