Click a link based on text next to the hyperlink


I need to click a link based on text next to the hyperlink.

It is like grid structure - Each row, there is one hyperlink and one label text.

See attached image.

Input is Company 001 or Company 002 or Company 003.

I need to click corresponding hyperlink based on “Searching Company 001 or 002 or 003”.

Please give some suggestion.

Thank You.



Hi @KannanK,
Here is the solution,

  1. Do find element on the label text.
  2. Use find ancestor activity to find the parent element.
  3. Specify parent element in Find children activity and specify the filter to get hyperlink.
  4. Check for the resultant count and if count > 0, get the hyperlink element
  5. Add click activity and use the resultant element in the target element property.

Hi @Madhavi,

Thank You - I will try your suggestion and feedback.


Were you able to get this to work?


I am stuck at the same situation!

Can you please provide me with the work file if possible.