How to click on a specific row in a data table

Thank you so much for trying to help the beginner’s path.
I can’t click on a specific row in the table data
A data table consists of two columns and many rows, and all data is numbers.

I will create an automation that clicks on a row in a certain order and works in the window that pops up after that, closes the window when it’s done and clicks the row in the next order to do the job.

Column 1 is the receipt number and column 2 is the serial number

I have to process from the lowest receipt number, but among the same receipt number, I have to process the work in the order of the highest serial number.

So, if there is a table like the example

I need to process row 1, row 4, row 3, row 2, row 5 in that order.

I expect it to be very difficult to implement, but if possible
For receipt number 46901 missing serial number 002, we want the process to stop at row 9.

I am so grateful for just a small piece of advice, and through it, I will be able
to study and work on myself and go further.
So please, I ask for your help.

Show us the selector you get when you click one of the cells.