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Hi guys,
Can anybody help me how to get a specific row from the Data Table. For example in my Data Table I have 10 rows and 3 columns. I need to access only the 5th row item (all 3 values from the columns). What code should I use for this?

datarow.item(field1).value …

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Hi Atrimal, I tried your code, but .value is not supporting. what should I provide in (field1). Is it column index? I want to get all column values for that particular row. Is it possible?

.tostring try

Hello @Atrimal

Try the below code


Change the number accordingly to get the record you need :slight_smile:


Hello @karthikd8,

try this:
DT = datatable.AsEnumerable().Take(5).Skip(4).CopyToDataTable

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Thank You Samir. It is working. That’s exactly what I wanted. :smile:

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