How to click links for each row of a web chart


I am fairly new to UiPath and I am trying to automate a process at work where I have to download files from links as PDF from a web based chart for each day. The number of downloads each day varies and I also need the corresponding numbers next to the links. For example:

I have tried using “Extract Structured Data” to create a data table, and that works for the two number values I need, but the links disappear (the car image highlighted is the link). I have also tried the “Find Children” but it says it can’t recognize the UI element. Perhaps I am doing it wrong.

Is there anyway to go through this web chart, click each img for each row, and download that as a pdf? Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Chief,

It is possible to download file.

Have you try the Scope with FIND_DESCENDANTS


Note :

If it is a public site. Please share me the link. I will do it. and send it to you.


Unfortunately it is not a public site. I did try this solution and made some progress:

However, now it just clicks the top img and downloads that as a pdf over and over again instead of going down each row and clicking next image. I can attach my xaml if that would be helpful.

Thank you very much again. I am fairly new to this and trying to absorb as much of this information as possible.