Click a Text who is every Time Different


i have a excel sheet with many numbers. The numbers are in every row different.

Now i want if the number exist, that the Robot click on the Line with the exact Number.

I have no idea which activitie i have to use, that he search the number from my row of the excel sheet and click on the Line 1000022
Sorry for my bad english and my bad explaining… i hope u can help me.

Thanks Christoph

Hi ,

Use a regular click on number elememnt … and edit the selector with your number from EXCEL to make it dynamic

Hi @christoph.schwetje
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From the looks of this table, it seems to be some other application, not Excel.
So, I assume you’re clicking on the row based on an input value from your Excel sheet.

To check the data in a table such as this one, use Data Scraping or Extract Data Table activities

  1. Data Scraping - Read here: About Data Scraping
    Here is an excellent Example of Using Data Scraping
  2. If Data Scraping doesn’t work, use Extract Structured Data
    Scroll to the bottom of the page (in this link) to see an example.

Good luck with your automation!

This application is where he needs to click. The number to click is coming from Excel, which isn’t shown in the post.

@christoph.schwetje open Ui Explorer, click one of the boxes and then look at the selector. Likely the number will be part of the selector, maybe for aaname. Replace the number with your variable that contains the number, putting it into {{ and }}


I have first an Excel sheet, with a read range i have the data table. After that i have to compare in my other application if the Number from my excel sheet is also her, when the number is there i have to click on the number. My problem ist that the number is at every row different and any time when i get the excel sheet the number is a different number, i dont know which number is the next.

I had this cause a few month ago and edit the selector, but i cant remember how i have to edit the selector.

“row.item(0).ToString” in the excel sheet in this row is my number.

This number is variable and should be the number from my row.item(0)

Thanks for your help

Thank u very much! Have a nice day!

Don’t remove the single quotes. Change the 10000022 to {{row.Item(0).ToString}}

Usually it’s better to reference by column name though, so it’s easier to understand your code later. So instead of row.Item(0) use row.Item(“Column Name”).ToString

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