Click on dynamic value in a table

So I have a table where every row/cell is clickable.

I have a column that contains the date.

I want to click on a row/cell where the date i stored inside of a variable.

I am trying to use the ClickText activity.

Is there a possibility to change so that the

innertext=" 2020-09-10" uses the variable dateA. I cant get it to work. was trying to assing it like this:

innertext= dateA

Hi @atomic

Check this link of how to pass varible in selector

How to pass variables in selectors


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Hi @atomic,

  1. use a get Aattribut on the table Selector to get all rows in the table

  2. Assign a counter i = 0 or i= 1 or i=2 (Function of the start first row (count header or not…))

  3. use a loop while

  4. Use a get Text with a dynamic selector to cath your data

  1. add a condition, if the condition is true click on the same selector

else → counter = counter+1

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