How to click a particular place in sap toolbar?

Hi All,

I wanted to click on this particular dropdown but I am not able to do it.

Challenges are:
GUI scripting enabled but still not able to locate it instead the whole window is getting selected.
If I use click activity, Its not reliable.
Please help me with your suggestions. Image is as follows.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hey @satish_kumar

Iā€™m in an understanding that you were not able to get selectors for it. So below are the workarounds

  1. You may use keyboard shortcuts of there is any or if there is a scope to configure it

  2. Find the keyboard keys to reach the drop-down control and perform action like pressing tab 5times and press enter key something like that

  3. You may use image automation, but need to make a reliable setup with relative positioning approach


can you use click toolbar button, select the whole bar as your selector and it should show you the options to select

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