How to click a column in Excel?

I need to click on the Column in Excel sheet, like say “A”, “B”, and so on so I can select the whole rows of that column, but click activity won’t let me click the specific element. Instead, the click range covers the whole Excel sheet.

What I actually need to do is, delete some columns from a Table in excel sheet, but some cells are using Excel functions, and some rely on the values in the columns that I am about to delete. If I just delete the column, the cell value changes to #REF!.
So, before deleting columns, I am going to click each column to be removed, copy the whole row data, Paste Special → select Values from the popup menu and click OK.
This way, I can remove the Excel Functions from each row of the column, and still keep the value. I wanted to achieve this by click activity. I don’t even know if this is a good idea, but I cannot think of any other way.

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Hi buddy
We can do this with a,INBOKE VBA Activity that would get the input as of macro file saved as text file and mentioning the macro name…
Kindly record the events in the excel with record macros option in Data menu… and then save the vb script as text and pass the file path as input to invoke vb Activity
For more info on this

Cheers @tomato25

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Hi @tomato25
Use Excel application scope and use select range and. Mention the range as a1:a200 and use send hot key as del

Try this workflow as well


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