Excel Name range activities

If I know the name ranges in particular excels, can I delete the data from it with out using macro?

I have an excel sheet with 6 columns. The first three columns are name “Test”. Now I have to clear the data in these three columns. I can write a simple Macro to clear any data in column (name range) “Test”.

Can this be done via Uipath without using macro?


In this case, I suggest you to read the entire excel into a datatable and then use the Remove data column activity in order to remove the columns you won’t use.

You may also specify the range to read, so it wouldn’t read the columns you don’t need. This topic may help you too:

I want to return same format that I am using while extracting data from excel. This excel is complex and uses lot of formulas. So I guess data table might not be the best solution here.

Your thoughts?

If that is the case…Go with SendHot Keys, Type Into, Selectors

  1. Select two Columns
  2. Ctnrl + - to remove columns…

Do these steps in Excel Application Scope Activity

You may also use the Select Range activity when the excel file is opened instead of using hotkeys. It will select the range specified and then you may send others hotkeys to remove the columns like (CTRL -).

As you know how to write macros then you can easily invoke the macro by using Execute Macro activity.