How to choose font in a Outlook Html Email?

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Can you help me?
I want to change the font family and size of the email that will be sent…
Below you have the Email in HTML.

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You can probably look up the html for changing the font and there are few various ways. Essentially, you will need a paragraph <p> tag with all the styles.

Here is a string that I pulled from one my workflows that converts a series of objects to html code for use in an email:
"<p style=""color:#{1};background-color:#{2};text-align:{3};font:{4}px {5};font-weight:{6};font-style:{7};text-decoration:{8};border-top:{9}px {10} #{11};border-bottom:{12}px {13} #{14};border-left:{15}px {16} #{17};border-right:{18}px {19} #{20}; "">{0}</p>"

Where {0} represents that text that is being displayed, and the others {x} represent each format value, and you only need the styles that you want to use or leave them blank. To look up all the different options for each of the styles, do some google searches.


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Hello @Diogo_Santiago ,

As @ClaytonM mentioned you can use {x} for dynamic values, else
You can use the Font tag inside body tag in html, (refer HTML font tag )



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